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Important Licenses & Permits

You need to acquire the pre-requisite documentation to comply with your local and national by-laws pertaining to borehole drilling. This is important for your safety and to ensure that the drilling company also works within the legal frameworks. SAFELANE BOREHOLES SYSTEMS services will assist you acquire the necessary documentation if need be. The Kenyan government requires the following documents for a borehole drilling process to commence :

  1. Geological / Hydrological Survey carried out by a registered geologist in the designated country.
  2. Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA)Authorization.
  3. Environmental impact assessment report
  4. NEMA License
  1. What is a hydro-geological report?
    Once the geologist has surveyed the area, he/she will provide you with a detailed report on the geology of the parcel of land. This report will also indicate the estimated depth of the water and the exact location of the borehole.
  2. Why do I need a NEMA report?
    A NEMA report consists of an environmental impact assessment report that details the impact of drilling a borehole on the environment. This is a mandatory requirement by law before drilling of the borehole (in Kenya only)
  3. Why do I need water analysis report?
    After drilling the borehole and doing test pumping, we will take a water sample to the government. We suggest that you contact your local municipality to check on the latest bylaws.

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